“Bracing, immersive and wonderfully congenial, this film is a tribute to the spirit of adventure.” 
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The idea was simple: nail $10,000 to a tree in Alaska and shout “go!”

Who would take the bait? What boat would win? Why do this to yourself? Who’s idea was this anyway?

The best worst idea ever.

This is the story of the Race to Alaska. A race that has changed the lives of hundreds of people. Through one of the most complex waterways in the world. 15 knot currents, gale force winds, cold water, deep water, logs, bears, cold, fatigue, and endless unknowns. First prize: $10,000. Second prize: a set of steak knives. This feature length documentary explores the extreme and impressive individuals who accepted this utterly unique challenge. 

“It’s only blowing 40 so it should be easy” - Nels Strandberg, Team Broderna

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Immersive. Adventure.

Described as, “The Iditarod, on a boat, with a chance of drowning, being run down by a freighter, or eaten by a grizzly bear.”

From the quirky to the sublime, from Olympic athletes to high schoolers, the characters in this film show that there’s no one way to do the hardest thing you’ve ever done.